Aikido is a real art, one of the few remaining that helps personal development and self-affirmation in everyday life. Every day to be better and more prepared than the previous one. To accept the difficulties as challenges, and after overcoming them to feel the pleasure of a job well done. 
 Physical activity promotes the development of qualities such as resourcefulness, agility, strength. Increases self-discipline, self-esteem and composure, which is necessary in everyday situations. 
 Unlike other sports, in Aikido there are no competitions with medals and cups, the only competition is to compete with yourself. 
 When the founder of modern Judo, Jigoro Kano, saw a demonstration of Aikido, he exclaimed, "This is my idea of a true Budo (Warrior's Path)!" 
 In the dojo practice people of all ages and genders, the methodology is considered so that everyone has the opportunity to perform the assigned exercises. Everyone is given personal attention in accordance with specific needs. By entering the matter and advancing behind the tasks become more complex, but this leads to greater satisfaction in their implementation.

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